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Curious about Stockholm Syndrome? Here's everything you need to know

Here are some films if you are looking to understand Stockholm syndrome better: Three Days Of The Condor (1975), Buffalo ‘66 (1998), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Highway (2014), and even (an unpopular opinion) Disney classic Beauty and the Beast.

NIMHANS trains 5,000 members as mental health community workers in Bengaluru

Most of those trained as community health workers come from different walks of life including IT employees, homemakers, and cab or auto-rickshaw drivers.


Talking out loud to yourself may be an indicator of higher intelligence

For what can now be considered a brilliant news for your social stature, talking to yourself may indicate a higher level of intelligence.

Nowhere Men

The entire country is frantically googling “shared psychosis” and speculating how a seemingly normal family — who were dancing at one of the victim’s engagement two weeks ago — could become unwitting participants in this gruesome tragedy.

Burari deaths: Delhi Police to conduct psychological autopsy, all you need to know about the procedure

Psychological autopsy is considered as a vital tool in the world of forensic science, widely used to determine the mental state of the deceased.

Parents undergoing depression can turn kids into troublemakers

According to researchers, parental depression contributes to greater brain activity in areas linked to risk-taking in adolescent children, leading to more rule-breaking behaviours.


People judge brands on how they sound

People associate certain sounds with nearness and some with distance, says a recent study.

'Grit' found to be heritable, but not a marker for good grades in children

Though a favourable trait, 'grit' adds little to the prediction of academic achievement when other personality factors are taken into account.

Paper Clip: Sleeping off racial and gender biases

The tendency to endorse racist or sexist attitudes explicitly has decreased, but social biases may play out implicitly or unconsciously.

Psychology on order: How restaurants get you to spend more

Paying 25 cents more for a bigger soda or fries seems like a no-brainer to most people.