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Twitter says it mistakenly used users' phone numbers to show advertisements

Twitter says it mistakenly used the phone numbers and email addresses people provided for security purposes to show advertisements to its users.

FaceApp: Is it safe? Just consider how much more Google knows

The fact that it’s Russian isn’t enough to discredit it. But Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has called for an FBI investigation. And if we were living in a movie, the all-powerful facial recognition machine that brings humanity to its knees would certainly be built on the back of viral human vanity.


A privacy-focussed browser's struggles highlight the challenges of taking on Google

The challenges faced by DuckDuckGo reflect just how difficult it is to take on the giants and build an internet business that is focused on the privacy of its users.

A digital helper that puts user privacy first

A group of computer scientists at Stanford University received a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation last month. The grant is for an internet service they hope will serve as a Switzerland of sorts for systems that use human language to control computers, smartphones and internet devices in homes and offices.

Google faces privacy complaints in European countries

Google's privacy woes are set to increase after campaigners on Tuesday filed complaints to data protection regulators in France, Germany, and seven other EU countries over the way it deals with data in online advertising.

This Holi, follow these simple tips to safeguard your phone and privacy

Holi is here and we are sharing some tips to keep your phone safe from water damage and colours. Also, do not forget to tighten your device's privacy settings if carry it along.


Extra-marital affair not ground for taking action against govt staff: Rajasthan HC

Earlier this month, former Rajasthan-cadre IPS officer Pankaj Chaudhary was dismissed from service for an alleged extra-marital affair. He has challenged his dismissal at the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT).

YouTube bans comments on videos of young children to try block predators

YouTube has struggled to keep up with paedophiles’ sometimes subtle methods for leaving suggestive remarks on videos of children.

No blanket powers to 10 agencies to intercept; every action requires prior approval: MHA

There is no new law, no new rules, no new procedure, no new agency, no blanket powers, no blanket authorisation and it is the same law, same rule, same procedure and the same agencies, an MHA official said.

Ill fares Aadhaar

There is little to show by way of Aadhaar benefits for the poor. And the costs are staring at us.

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What the Supreme Court did not address in its Aadhaar verdict

There are still many unanswered questions about aadhaar despite the Supreme Court's verdict of more than 1,400 pages. Usha Ramanathan tells us the concerns that the poor of India still have, what making aadhaar voluntary means and whether the linking

What Justice Chandrachud said during the aadhaar verdict

What Justice DY Chandrachud said during the aadhaar verdict, many agree, will have implications in the future. He was the judge who did not agree with the majority opinion of the bench on many key issues. Here's what he said.