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A Theatre That Never Goes Dark

Prithvi Theatre, which has played a crucial role in building theatre audience, celebrates 40 years.

Show & Tell

Two detectives look for a missing ‘spark’ at the orientation meet of youth theatre festival Thespo’s 17th edition

Mumbai Local Ready for Run

Junoon’s neighbourhood art initiative,to be launched in January,intends to touch and inspire people.

Lives of Others

Kabadi — Uncut,the Marathi play which shows life at a landfill,bagged five awards at Thespo 15.


Lessons in Stagecraft

Thespo 15 mentors young talent by hosting 11 workshops this month

Carnival Time

Three years ago,Prithvi Theatre organised a day-long carnival,where theatre personalities from the city presented short pieces.

show stealers

Artist Brinda Miller is back with her 13th solo exhibition. Her works showcase a bright palette,splashes of paint and a spontaneous.

‘It is a great time to be an actor’

Films of different sensibilities are being made by filmmakers,informed by the most contemporary of experiences

Theatre Treat

After taking their plays to Chandigarh and Ahmedabad,production house Essay Communications is back at Prithvi Theatre.

Imagination at Play

Since its formation in 2009,Gillo Theatre Repertory has been working on plays that showcase original Indian content and has been making theatre more accessible to children.