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Pakistan announce release of 40 Indian prisoners

The 40 Indian prisoners lodged in Karachi are being moved to Lahore for repatriation on Friday.

Pakistan court orders record of expenses during Sharif's US visit

The petitioner also requested the court to ask the prime minister to seek permission from the Supreme Court for his future foreign trips.


Stalemate in Pak continues; talks enter 'meaningful' phase

While both sides claimed that "progress had been made", there are "core issues" that needed to be resolved.

Pak military expresses serious concern over political crisis

The military showed support for democracy but also expressed displeasure over Saturday night's violence.

3 dead in protests, Pakistan army meets, says won’t back off ‘playing its part’

Police fired tear gas shells and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters outside the PM's residence.

Pakistan cleric's supporters attempt to blockade Parliament, but MPs escape

Qadri and Imran Khan have been leading separate protests for past one week to force Sharif's resignation.


Anti-govt protesters march on in Pakistan; shots fired at Imran Khan

Shots were fired at Pakistan's Imran Khan vehicle, he was not injured.

Pakistan media appears skeptical about outcome of Sharif's India visit

The paper said: "Modi has cleverly bought himself goodwill internationally by hosting Sharif, but did so in a way that really conceded nothing."

Pakistan tells two Indian journalists to leave within week

Pakistan's military remains deeply suspicious of both journalists and India.

Taliban want Imran Khan in committee for peace talks

Prime Minister Sharif has set an open mandate for the committee of negotiators to initiate talks with the TTP.