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Monday, August 02, 2021

Pride Month


Sussanne Khan looks beautiful in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla's Pride outfit; see pic

June 30, 2021 6:26 pm

Sussanne Khan looked stunning in the outfit from the collection 'Gulabo by Abu Sandeep'

Three content creators on the significance, meaning of Pride makeup

June 30, 2021 11:12 am

"It gives me the confidence to show the world that makeup is not only for women; it is gender neutral"

Pride Month: 'I was petrified; thought I will be disowned'

June 29, 2021 11:11 am

"I actually did not tell my mother directly. I had asked my best friend to do it over the phone..."

Priyanka Chopra's Indian restaurant adds rainbow foods on the menu for Pride Month

June 26, 2021 2:16 pm

From ice cream to cocktail, here are some Pride-special foods that Sona is offering

Pride Month: 'Never felt the need to specifically sit people down and tell them I am bisexual'

June 25, 2021 10:30 am

"Coming out is a constant process, but it’s a personal choice. I’m more comfortable wearing my sexuality and choice of partners on my forehead."

Pune: Beauty salon offers styling and makeovers for members of transgender community

June 25, 2021 10:20 am

Kamakshi Madan, director of Aarzoo, said the sole purpose of the initiative was to convey the message that everyone has the right to feel beautiful irrespective of one's gender.

Pride Month: Sandip Roy, Parmesh Shahani, Vivek Tejuja and Ruth Vanita recommend books to read

June 23, 2021 4:09 pm

For Pride Month -- celebrated every year in the month of June -- four authors list books for those wanting to familiarise themselves with LGBTQ+ literature

Pride Month: 'I came out to my father in a tapri'

June 18, 2021 12:45 pm

"I handed him the letter, and watched as his expressions changed page-by-page..."

Pride Month: Try these four bold makeup looks to make a statement

June 17, 2021 1:18 pm

While lack of representation has been a problem not just in India but around the world, makeup has been a collective love that has united members and allies around the world.

'Never thought people would go to such an extent': Queer activist bullied for starting fundraiser for transition

June 16, 2021 1:12 pm

Rishikesh Raut, a 22-year-old non-binary transgender person, thought they would raise funds for their gender-affirming care, but they were instead mercilessly trolled online