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Consumer price inflation at 2.33%, for Mumbaikars it feels over 10%

Overall, for India as a whole, inflation expectations remained sticky.

Possible deflation may become a real challenge: Subramanian

CEA expresses hope that growth will be close to 8 per cent in 2015-16.


WPI inflation drops to zero on fall in food, commodity prices`

WPI food inflation moderated to just 0.63% last month on a 28.6% contraction in vegetable prices.

Rajan urges regulators to 'lean into the wind'

RBI Governor on Tuesday called for regulators to exert greater caution.

Manufacturing PMI contracts for 3rd consecutive month to 49.6 in October

According to HSBC survey,business climate within the country remained tough.

RBI can't do anything on inflation: Govt

Supply side bottlenecks are seen as one of the reasons for for high inflation.


CPI eases a bit in June; but stays in double digits

Prices levels of staples such as vegetables,edible oils and milk products shot up significantly during the month.

Consumer inflation at 10.36% on dearer food,fuel

India’s annual consumer price inflation surged to 10.36 per cent in April from 9.38 per cent in the previous month on dearer food,fuel and clothing items,adding to pressure on the central bank to pause on monetary easing.

Rising milk prices may fuel inflation: Citi

Rising prices of milk and dairy products are a potential pressure point for food inflation,Citigroup said in a recent note.