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Coffee lovers rest easy, 3-4 cups of coffee a day help in preventing diabetes

Compounds in coffee found mimicking anti-diabetic drug raise hope for better prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Underprivileged girls fall victim to sexual assaults in China

Children of migrant workers more likely to be preys of sexual assault in developed areas.


Indian curry could prevent Alzheimer's disease,dementia

Eating spicy Indian curry once or twice a week could help prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease and dementia,according to a US-based researcher of Indian origin.

A glass of wine a day 'cuts risk of gallstones by a third'

A new study has revealed that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol,say a glass of wine daily,protects against the development of gallstones – in fact,it can cut the risk by nearly a third.

Will not tolerate victimisation of foreign students: Australia

The Australian Government said that it will take steps to book the persons responsible for the attack on Indian students in Victoria.

Preity features in the latest issue of a health magazine

She talks all about her fitness routine,IPL,her diet,favourite foods,and the secrets behind her energy.


Australian plant may produce anti-HIV microbicide gel

A genetically-altered Australian cousin of tobacco plant could become the source of a potent chemical that promises to contain spread of HIV.

Microbicide gel offers promising HIV prevention for women

A vaginal microbicide gel has for the first time shown some promise to prevent HIV infection in women in a clinical trial.

Smoking cessation drug helps reduce alcohol cravings

The study led by researchers from Yale School of Medicine has shown that heavy-drinking smokers were much less likely to drink after taking the drug varenicline.

Red wine prevents heart disease: Indian research

Even while health benefits of red wine remain debatable,a study claims to have discovered a process inside the human body which gives those fond of this drink a valid reason to say cheers!