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Colombia suspends peace talks with ELN rebels over bombings

Five officers were killed and more than 40 injured when a homemade bomb exploded outside a police station in Barranquilla during a shift change early Saturday. A few hours later two more were killed and several injured by two separate bomb attacks on police targets near the coastal city

Colombia captures 28 members of feared drug gang: President Santos

"An operation called Odyssey was carried out today against the Gulf Clan and 28 members of that organisation were captured here in Antioquia," President Santos said.


Colombia rebels say ceasefire to extend to January 9

When the ceasefire was announced in September, President Juan Manuel Santos, also gave the later date. After that, Santos said, it would be extended in line with progress in peace negotiations.

Colombia 'shattered' after 33 children die in bus fire

"I am shattered and the whole country is in mourning for the death of these children in this tragedy." the president said.

Alvaro Uribe elected again, top vote-getter in Colombia's Senate voting

Uribe's new Centro Democratico party looks to have 20 of the Senate's 102 seats against at least 47 for Santos' weakened coalition.