Preschooling News

How to prepare toddlers for preschool interviews

Given the dwindling sizes of modern families, extra efforts need to be made by way of play-dates, having pets at home, so that the toddler adopts concepts such as sharing and accommodation as a way of life.

10 ways to tell if a preschool is safe for your child

It is important to walk around the classrooms to ensure that the rooms are child-proof. This means watching out for aspects such as electrical sockets, child-friendly doors and more.


How to make preschoolers independent learners

If a child likes building, help them expand on their interest by introducing them to building blocks. If a child likes sculpting with clay, help them explore structures that animals sculpt in nature.

10 ways to increase creativity in preschoolers

Keeping screen time minimal can go a long way in giving the child time and opportunity to hone his or her creative instincts.

Does preschooling prepare kids for school?

Preschools are ubiquitous in India’s villages, shows a comprehensive new survey that watched 14,000 children over 5 years. But the benefits they bring are often dependent on factors such as the quality of early education, child’s gender and education level of mother.