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Giving birth at 74: Issues in debate around setting an age limit for IVF

The average life expectancy of an Indian woman is 70 and of a man 69, and the medical community has expressed concerns over future of children born to such an elderly couple.

Ayurveda Garbh Sanskar: Prenatal guidelines for a healthy baby

There is scientific evidence that supports the practices of Garbh Sanskar and its effect on the unborn child. Modern studies have proved that a foetus can respond to external stimulus. In fact, the hormonal secretions activated by the mother’s thoughts can also impact the baby in her womb.


As a woman gives birth at 74, a doc explains pregnancy after menopause and its risks

With increase in average life expectancy, among other factors including women empowerment and financial concerns, more and more women are opting for late pregnancy. But how does pregnancy after menopause work?

Women need not sleep on their left side during pregnancy, study finds

The study found that women who slept on their right side or on their back were no more likely to have serious complications than those who slept on their left side.

Anxious moms may give birth to hyperactive kids, says study

The mothers were identified as per their anxiety levels — low, moderate and high — while the children were evaluated through attention tests. While no difference was found in terms of attention, they showed a significant difference in hyperactivity symptoms, depending on how anxious the mother had been.

5 essential questions that a new mother must ask her doctor

Some expecting mothers often get worried about the delivery process and the medical expert in charge. It is important the expecting mother always speak about this to her doctor as this shall bring clarity and reduce anxiety for her.


Mira Rajput's pregnancy skin care tips will help you maintain your glow

"When you have a baby, suddenly and almost immediately, your entire focus shifts to the new life you have brought into this world. [Your baby] is entirely dependent on you and you alone. So you forget to take care of yourself because you're so busy taking care of the little one, and that begins to show," said Mira.

Can you eat ginger during pregnancy? Here's what a doctor recommends

We spoke to a doctor to find out if it is safe for pregnant women to have ginger during pregnancy, in the form of ginger tea and other foods, and in what quantity.

Why Salma Hayek wished she avoided fruits during pregnancy

Salma Hayek birthday: "If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't eat so much fruit at the beginning," the actress and mother, who gave birth to her daughter in her 40s, had said.

Irom Sharmila welcomes twins at 46: Pros and cons of raising a child in your 40s

Irom Sharmila: The activist gave birth to twin girls Nix Sakhi and Autumn Tara through C-section after 35 weeks of pregnancy. While late parenthood is on the rise, here are some things you need to keep in mind if you have a child in your 40s.