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Ectopic Pregnancy: Early diagnosis can be lifesaving

Any pregnancy that implants and develops outside of the endometrial cavity is called an ectopic pregnancy. There has been a fourfold increase in incidence over the last two decades but mortality has reduced by almost 80 per cent.

A mom blogger is asking women to speak up about post-partum depression

"If you don’t take time to tend to your wellness, you will be forced to take time to tend to your illness. If you feel unwell, mama or not, I encourage you to speak up! Because the way you want to live and the way you want to feel is just on the other side of that.”


When can you resume intimacy as a couple after childbirth? A doc explains

Due to the feeding schedule and short sleeping periods of infants, many new parents only get two or three hours of sleep in a row. Fatigue for both mothers and fathers can lead to feelings of depression and relationship conflict.

How to correctly lift objects during pregnancy

For picking an object lower than your waist level, keep your back straight and bend your knees and hips. Make sure you do not bend forward.

How to get out of bed safely during pregnancy

How to get up safely from bed during pregnancy: A growing belly can cause your centre of gravity to shift, causing trouble in balancing while getting up from the bed. So, here are some steps to follow to get out of bed safely during pregnancy.

Tokophobia: All you need to know about the fear of pregnancy

Despite being initially documented in medical literature over 150 years ago, Tokophobia still remains largely unrecognised within the obstetric community.


Diabetes and pregnancy: Understanding the risks and treatment

To manage gestational diabetes, one must seek professional help from an endocrinologist, consult a dietician for healthy diet options and exercise, understand how to manage low and high blood sugar and have a hospital helpline numbers at hand.

'High-fibre diet can reduce the risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy'

"The mother's gut bacteria and diet appear to be crucial to promoting a healthy pregnancy," professor Ralph Nanan, University of Sydney, was quoted as saying.

Soni Razdan smoked when pregnant with Alia: How cigarettes can harm an unborn baby

Alia Bhatt's mother and actress Soni Razdan recently took to social media to reveal how she smoked a lot of cigarettes for a movie without knowing she was pregnant with her second child.

High-fibre diet may promote healthy pregnancy, says study

The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, found that in humans, reduced levels of acetate, which is mainly produced by fibre fermentation in the gut, is associated with the common and serious pregnancy-related condition preeclampsia.