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How to manage your pregnancy diet during gestational diabetes

During pregnancy, extra glucose from the mother crosses the foetal placenta and the foetus's pancreas responds by releasing extra insulin to cope with excess glucose. The excess glucose is converted to fat, which results in macrosomnia (foetus too large) for normal birth, resulting in a cesarean delivery.

Keep fit during pregnancy with these safe and easy exercises

Women like to keep themselves fit these days, even during pregnancy. Try these light exercises for a healthy pregnancy.


Pregnant? Watch out for these skin problems in summer

There are several skin problems that a pregnant woman can encounter during summers. Here are some summer-related skin problems along with their remedies.

How to calculate your pregnancy in weeks and months

There are about 40 weeks in a pregnancy, starting from the first day of the prospective mother's last menstrual period. Pregnancy is usually calculated as per the date of the Last Menstrual Period (LMP).

Mothers share the rudest things they have been told during pregnancy

"I had difficulty gaining weight when I was pregnant due to severe morning sickness. I had an acquaintance tell me that my baby was going to be malnourished and sickly. That really upset me, but the baby ended up being healthy."

Are home pregnancy test results always accurate?

When should you take the home pregnancy test? Are the test results accurate? We asked a gynaecologist to know if home pregnancy test kits are reliable.


'Exercise during pregnancy can protect the child from obesity'

As per the data analysed in the study, lack of exercise during pregnancy, even in the case of healthy women, "can predispose their children to obesity and associated metabolic diseases partially through impairing thermogenic function."

'A mother's diet during pregnancy can affect ADHD risk in the child'

As per a study by Spanish researchers, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, there is a link between the levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the umbilical cord blood and ADHD at the age of seven.

Is getting a tattoo during pregnancy safe?

Tattoo during pregnancy: While the risk to the baby's growth may lessen in later months, the chances of infection still remain. So, precautions should be taken throughout pregnancy. It is advisable to get the tattoo after delivery.

Common pregnancy symptoms: Here is what you need to know

Pregnancy symptoms: It's a great idea to prepare yourself for a wide range of them . There are some conditions which may need urgent attention while there may be others that can wait till the next prenatal visit.