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What is gestational diabetes? A doctor explains

Among the commonly associated side-effects of untreated gestational diabetes is preeclampsia. This is a grievous condition if not treated on time and can lead to preterm labour and may cause miscarriages in certain cases.

Kalki Koechlin felt no maternal instinct for first 2 months of pregnancy and that's possible

"In the first two months, I didn't feel any maternal instinct. It felt like an alien invasion, where this little thing was acting like a vampire, sucking out everything from my body," said Kalki.


Should you take folate or folic acid during pregnancy? A doc explains

Unfortunately, not many women know that their routine efforts towards maintaining sufficient levels of Vitamin B9 are actually not being provided by their choice of supplement - folic acid.

Pregnancy tips: 5 effective and natural ways for hair care

Pregnancy hair care tips: It is advisable to keep away from artificial hair colours as some of them may contain harmful chemicals or have strong aromas, exposure to which may cause contact irritant dermatitis at times. Just in case you are worried about grey hair, opt for henna which is natural and harmless, compared to chemical-laden artificial colours.

Pregnant and rocking it: Learn some prenatal yoga moves from Kalki Koechlin

The actor, who is in the last trimester of her pregnancy, has been giving some major pregnancy fitness inspiration.

Impaired liver function during pregnancy can increase obesity risk in kids, says study

The most common liver disease during pregnancy, Intrahepatic cholestasis (ICP) decreases the release of digestive fluid bile from the liver causing bile acids to build up in the blood. This could affect liver function and cause severe itching in mothers.


Is it safe to eat pineapple during pregnancy?

Eating pineapple during pregnancy: Can eating pineapple impact your pregnancy? We asked a gynaecologist whether it is safe to have pineapples during the trimesters.

Winter skincare solutions for pregnant women

Always use an essential oil and moisturiser-based face-wash. Do not use hard drying soaps or scrubbers that can strip off the essential oils produced by the skin. Further, opt for glycerine-based body washes in winter

The challenges for fertility treatment in India

The cost of IVF procedure in India varies from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh. Cost can be a limiting factor for many couples who want to opt for this procedure. There is a need to take fertility treatment from 'out of pocket' to the insured space.

Mothers reveal the worst place their water broke

"I was in an elevator with one of my supervisors after getting off work. It was the most awkward ride of my life." -Kaiju_Beatdown