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CPI opposes dropping of 'secular' word from Preamble

"Secularism reflects the character of India. Socialism reflects the goal India has to achieve," Reddy said.

Stick to development, stop debating Preamble of Constitution: PMK

“Socialism and secularism are the fundamental identities of this country and should continue to be so forever", it said.


An inherently secular constitution

The introduction of word ‘secular’ specifically expressed and underlined the secular nature and objective of the Indian state.

A guide to the Constitution through a grandmother's eyes

The first woman Chief Justice,Leila Seth,now relives her dream in a new book which demystifies the Constitution's Preamble for children.

Bangladesh set to restore 'spirit' of 1972 constitution

The government is to begin a process to update Bangladesh's constitution in order to restore the 'spirit' of the post independence constitution of 1972.