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The Books of Exodus

Globalisation was once a tragic story of forced displacement and loss.

The Art of the Possible

From next week,the cameras will be focused on deliverables.


Black and White Television

PM's New Year address was a post mortem,not a curtain-raiser for 2014.

The Runaway Godman

The news that his father Asaram Bapu’s trial was to begin on Friday was relegated to the ticker.

In Flight or Inflight?

A TRP harvest frenzy has led news channels to go overboard,and on board as well.

Journalist Becomes the News

Leading news organisations,including Tehelka,appear to be innocent of a basic understanding of the law.


Campaign Mode

TV occupies the moral high ground on domestic abuse,superstition and unemployment.

The adda winds down

Rajendra Yadav believed in saying anything,as long as it was said with civility.

The Unending NaMo-RaGa NaMo-RaGa

Only a legend’s death or a cyclone can divert the media from political campaigns.

Cooking Up a Storm

Phailin should be compared with the Odisha super-cyclone of 1999.