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Friday, October 30, 2020

Pratap Bhanu Mehta


We must ask tough questions about Facebook's role. But problem of freedom, civility, censorship goes deeper

September 05, 2020 10:21 am

PB Mehta writes: Predictably, both the Congress and BJP are claiming to be victim of Facebook’s censorship policy. But the truth is this: Censorship, whether public or private, will always invite charges of partisanship.

In post-mortem of secularism, we are hand wringing over religion, missing the real crisis

August 11, 2020 9:38 am

PB Mehta writes: To take religion seriously is to preserve the conditions of religious freedom for all, letting each person discover the law of their own Being. I tremble at the thought of a politicised public sphere taking religion seriously.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta: ‘We revere Gandhi but didn’t know what to do with him till 1930s’

January 31, 2020 7:22 am

In the age of social media, Mehta said, there is an asymmetry between truth and false, and “it is easier to sow suspicion rather than establishing the truth. No greatness can survive that doubt.”

Liberalism also faces challenge of populism today, says Pratap Bhanu Mehta

July 09, 2019 3:55 am

Delivering a speech on 'The End of Liberalism', Mehta pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin had last week announced the death of liberalism.

PB Mehta at Express Adda: Liberal, secular seen as bad words, even Opposition shies

April 27, 2019 8:53 am

“There’s is no expectation of a visionary alternative, alternative Opposition or a return to basic constitutional principles. There’s no promise of achhe din as compared to the 2014 election,” he said.

Scholar Pratap Bhanu Mehta is new Ashoka University V-C

May 05, 2017 1:34 am

Mehta was in the news last year when he resigned from the Executive Council of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library after former bureaucrat Shakti Sinha’s name was shortlisted for the director’s post.

Independence ennui

August 15, 2015 12:00 am

Instead of matching idea with idea, leadership with leadership, political adversaries match sin for sin.

Conversations with Tavleen Singh and Pratap Mehta

July 19, 2015 8:50 am

The pervasive elitism of higher education institutions has to be challenged. But their further decimation must also be resisted.

Article of faith

January 31, 2015 12:00 am

Secularism is buffeted by domestic political dynamics as well as global currents.

Bipan Chandra: The man whose view of Modern India is inescapable

September 02, 2014 2:57 pm

For him, past was a moral drama in more black-white than 50 shades of grey, says Pratap Bhanu Mehta.