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Praja Foundation: At least 33 per cent of those who face crime do not inform cops, says study

Mumbaikars cite lack of time as the reason for not approaching the police.

Fellowship programme to train students in governance

Started in 1997, the Praja foundation has been working towards increasing accountability and transparency in governance.


‘BMC has failed to curb drop-out rates’

The dropout rate has gone up from six (out of 100 students) in 2008-09 to nine in 2012-13.

‘Police Control Room faces 52% staff shortage’

A report released by the Praja Foundation on Thursday has revealed that the Mumbai Police Control Room,which fields hundreds of calls about crimes,harassment of women and other mishaps,is grossly understaffed,operating at almost half of its sanctioned strength.

Conviction rate in crimes against women drops,says report

The Mumbai Police were able to obtain convictions in only 7 per cent cases of molestation in 2012,down from 21 per cent in 2011.

Residents perceive corporators as less corrupt than before,says NGO report card

On a scale of 1 to 7,the percentage of corporators who scored less than 4 points in the corruption index has reduced from 27.6 in 2011 to 9.7 in 2013


44 corporators have criminal record: Report

Close to 20 per cent,or 44 of 226 corporators have a criminal record,says a report released by Praja Foundation Tuesday.

Pen not a pal

Pawar feels this is done even for trivial matters that essentially require their consent and not the minister’s.

Half the city MLAs face criminal charges

NGO report card: Most cases pertain to rioting and breach of peace; some MLAs face serious charges too

State to upgrade JJ laboratory to diagnose cases of MDR,XDR TB

The Maharashtra government has finally woken up to the need of a state-run second line drug susceptibility testing facility