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Isolux Corsan wins 22 million euro transmission project in Haryana

HVPNL has awarded Isolux Corsan three transmission line projects at several locations in the state

Slowdown Signals: In power sector, signs that growth not plugging in

A total of 46 power generation projects were granted transmission connectivity — a key milestone for a power project that entitles the generation plant to get hooked on to the country’s electricity grid.


Japanese firm to supply solar energy from Moon to Earth

For continuous generation of power,an array of solar cells will extend along the entire 11,000km lunar equator.

Andhra Pradesh: Seemandhra powerless as shutdown continues over Telangana

With over 30,000 electricity employees on strike,power generation and supply has taken a big hit.

Factory output in July: Index of Industrial Production (IIP) rises by 2.6 per cent

Manufacturing sector,which makes up 75%+ of index,grew 3% in July against zero growth June.

Government allocates 14 coal blocks to Central,state firms

Resuming the process of coal block allocation,the government on Wednesday allotted 14 blocks to state-run companies


Govt revises April IIP to 2.3%

The index of industrial production (IIP) for April was revised to 2.3 per cent from 2 per cent. On Wednesday,the data showed power generation

Hit by fuel shortage,power projects running at partial capacity only

The continuing shortage of fuel is clearly the biggest impediment

Power ambition caught in coal block

Record capacity commissioned but projects are struggling to get the coal they need

Tata Power looks at overseas for transmission

Tata Power,which has set a generation target of 26,000 MW by 2020.