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On the record: ‘Poverty is a cognitive tax, it depletes our resources’

Policymakers needn’t throw everything they’ve learned out of the window — usually, when prices go up, people demand less of a product; we’re not arguing with that.

Pope Francis wants a 'poor Church for the poor'

Pope chose his papal name as St Francis of Assisi was 'a man of poverty and a man of peace'.


Delhi govt to issue smart card for poor people

Economically weaker sections of the national capital will be issued a smart card by the Delhi government by the end of the year.

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Women celebrate Valentine's Day with poor in Rajkot

Rajkot, Feb 14 (ANI): A group of women in Rajkot celebrated Valentine’s Day in a unique way by distributing food to poor people. The Mahalaxmi Foundation along with few local organizations have started this mission across 40 cities of the country. One of the member of the group pointed out that they collected food from people adding they got a good response for their initiative.

Congress dubs Hyderabad student suicide as murder

New Delhi, Jan 19 (ANI): Calling the suicide of the Hyderabad Dalit student as murder, Congress leader Kumari Selja on Tuesday said Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has always stood for the problems of poor people. She added that it was useless to expect any action from Prime Minister (PM) Modi as he has kept himself away from the matter.