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Desi Beauty: Indian products you can only be grateful for

It is a wonderful idea to rediscover Indian beauty products once again, many of them can be found in our kitchens.

Capital’s lakes & ponds stare at a ‘watery grave’, govt readies lifeline

Under a public-private partnership project, govt plans to revive 10 water bodies. An MoU with NGOs is likely next week.


Fortunately,I don’t do Bollywood for survival: Tulip Joshi

Tulip reveals that she is fortunate that she does not have to do films for a living. Tulip talks to Ashok Kumar.

Community cleaning: Villagers pool in effort,money to clean pond

While the Punjab Government is still to set in motion its Rs 133-crore project to clean chhappars (ponds) in villages across the state,residents of Rurka have taken matters in their own hands and set an example.

Many ponds for rainwater storage disappear

The crores spent on rainwater harvesting in the drought-affected districts of Bundelkhand seems to have gone down the drain.

Govt has a concrete plan to recharge ponds: make walls around them

In a bid to preserve Delhi’s fast depleting waterbodies and recharge the groundwater table,the Delhi government had in July 2008 initiated a project.