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Soon, auction of pomegranate, onion and tomato to go online in Pune

In Pune’s wholesale market, trade in molasses was the first to shift online with the market administrator issuing notices of suspension of licence to traders who had refused to do so.

Pune: Drought casts its shadow on pomegranate exports

This year, the federation was aiming exports of 10,000 tonnes of pomegranate to Europe and around 70,000 tonnes to other countries.


Longer winter boosts pomegranate, grape export

Around 40,000 tonnes of pomegranate has left for foreign shores, of which 2,000 tonnes have gone to Europe. Last year, India had exported 50,000 tonnes of pomegranate.

Five reasons: Why Pomegranate is perfect for your skin

From playing the role of powerful antioxidant to a product of anti-ageing, the fruit can help in many ways.

Fruit crops to get state insurance cover

Fruit crops in 18 districts in the state,including Pune,will now get a cover under the new Weather Based Horticultural Crop Insurance Scheme.

Pomegranate juice 'can help combat kidney disease'

Pomegranate has long been hailed as a superfruit for its health-giving properties.


Pomegranate juice can reduce beer bellies

A glass of pomegranate juice daily can help lower your blood pressure and cut the risk of a beer belly.