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Polio officer killed by gunmen in northwest Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the three countries, along with Afghanistan and Nigeria, where polio is still endemic.

Infected polio vaccine not supplied in Maharashtra

Maharashtra state Health Minister Dr Deepak Sawant said, “The WHO is cooperating with India for polio survey as per international quality parameters. Sewage water samples from 45 places in different states including Maharashtra were collected.


Anti-polio campaign targeting 3.5 million children begins in Pakistan

Anti-polio teams will visit schools, bus stands and railway stations, Afghan refugees camps and other public places and also will go door-to-door to give anti-polio drops to the children, said the health department.

Pune health officials gear up for polio vaccine switchover on April 25

Dr Archana Patil, Additional Director of Health at State Family Welfare Bureau HQ in Pune said, they had received an initial consignment of 1.40 lakh doses of IPV followed by another larger one.

Health: Battles won and waged against disease

The food regulatory establishment found itself on the backfoot over both the Maggi controversy and the release of instant noodles by Ramdev’s Patanjali without the necessary certification.

World President of Rotary International in city: ‘Keeping India polio-free needs efforts, the club is working towards that’

A native of Sri Lanka, Ravi says he is now a 'world citizen'. Appointed the world president in September, he has no personal agenda to leave a legacy; for he says then “I will be lost.”


How the rare polio case gets away — and why it must not

The child, who lives in Shahadra’s Harsh Vihar area, was diagnosed with the P2 strain of the virus around three weeks ago. The last recorded case of VDPV was reported from Beed, Maharashtra, in 2013.

Vaccinating children becomes a deadly battle in Pakistan

Long eradicated in the West, polio remains endemic in Pakistan after the Taliban banned vaccinations

Polio workers, security escorts go missing in Pakistan

Pakistan is among only three countries where the crippling disease remains endemic.

Pakistan accounts for 80 per cent of polio cases: WHO

Afghanistan and Nigeria, are the other two countries where polio remains endemic.

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Suicide blast outside polio centre in Pakistan kills at least 15

The blast in Quetta ripped through a police van outside the vaccination centre as security officials gathered there to escort polio workers for the third day of a vaccination campaign in Balochistan.

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Explained: Polio and Introduction Of Injectable Vaccine

India is all set to introduce injectable polio vaccine (IPV) in its universal immunisation programme (UIP) in a phased manner from November. This will be over and above the oral vaccine. From April, 2016 the trivalent polio vaccine that is currently administered will be replaced by the bivalent variety to reduce incidence of vaccine-derived polio […]