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Fake polio markers highlight risks to Pakistan vaccination drive

Local officials say parents suspicious of mass immunization campaigns have been getting hold of special markers, used by health workers to put a coloured spot on the little fingers of children who have been vaccinated.

In Ludhiana, child dies half an hour after getting polio vaccination

Victim Aditya Kumar’s parents, who are residents of Agra and had come to visit a relative, said that the child was rushed to a nearby hospital, but could not be saved.


Pakistan: 10 arrested, 160 booked for refusing polio vaccination

The WHO had declared that Pakistan is responsible for nearly 80 per cent of polio cases reported globally.

Pakistan accounts for 80 per cent of polio cases: WHO

Afghanistan and Nigeria, are the other two countries where polio remains endemic.

Pakistan to vaccinate 7,50,000 children as part of anti-polio drive

The World Health Organisation has warned that Peshawar is the world's 'largest reservoir' of polio.

Polio vaccination proof mandatory for Pakistani nationalists to enter India after March 15

Travellers from Pakistan will have to carry vaccination certificate, which would be later returned to them along with their visa.


Polio-Free: It took 2 mn footsoldiers and 35 yrs for India to win the battle

It was once thought impossible, but a 35-year-fight has won India its biggest public health success story.

Pak key to anti-polio campaign: WHO

Some 21 nations in the Middle East and nearby regions have jointly made the eradication of polio an emergency priority and recognised that Pakistan is a key part of the problem,the World Health Organisation said Wednesday. The joint resolution by nations who are part of the UN health agency’s Eastern Mediterranean region have called on […]

2 killed in bomb blast at Pakistan's anti-polio drive

It was the latest incident against the govt and UN-backed effort to eradicate polio from Pak.

4-year-old dies after polio vaccination

Barely a few hours after being administered the Oral Polio Vaccine at a Pulse Polio booth,a four-year-old child died on Sunday.