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Legendary Rayquaza back on Pokemon Go for a few days, catch it before it leaves

To catch Rayquaza we recommend that you have the right composition of ice type Pokemon in your team.

Pokemon Go creators release Harry Potter mobile game Wizards Unite

The creators of mobile gaming phenomenon Pokemon Go unleashed a new game on Thursday that features Harry Potter and other characters from the wizarding world


Pokemon Go maker is said to go after $3.9 billion valuation

Niantic is planning to raise at least $200 million in a round led by venture capital firm IVP.

Pokemon Go PvP battles now live, level 10 players are now eligible

The company had earlier announced this feature available for players above level 40, however, it seems to have lowered the bar for unknown reasons.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic to open up its AR platform to third-party developers

Niantic has announced that it is letting third-party developers use its augmented reality platform to develop applications.

Pokemon Go update uses Apple's ARKit to enhance iPhones

Apple's ARKit, the tool that will enable greater functionality of augmented reality apps, will help improve the latest Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go may help people with social anxiety: Study

A new study has shown that games like Pokemon Go improve social interactions, due its many interactive scenarios.

Game developers looking to profile players with AI, keep them hooked

Beyond the realm of attracting players into their games, animation companies have now been using machine learning algorithms to understand gamer behaviour

American Pokemon Go players asked to apply for permit for entry into Milwaukee's state county parks

County parks to charge fees on a sliding scale where the money will help with the park's upkeep, and the permits will help the county prepare for the volume of people.

Pokémon GO to see addition of 80 new Pokémons, new berries and more

Pokémon GO will get 80 more Pokémons along with new berries and gameplay, announced the company