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Japan nuclear agency urges measures to cut plutonium stocks

After years of delay due to technical issues, the Rokkasho plant is in the final stages of safety approvals by the regulators ahead of its planned launch in 2021, but critics say that starting up the plant only adds to the problem.

North Korea restarts plutonium reactor: US intelligence chief

"We assess that North Korea has followed through on its announcement by expanding its Yongbyon enrichment facility and restarting the plutonium production reactor," Clapper said.


India had enough plutonium in 2014 to possess 75-125 nukes: US think tank

"An estimate of India's nuclear arsenal can be derived by considering its weapon-grade plutonium stock. The resulting estimate has a median of 138 nuclear weapons equivalent with a range of 110 to 175 weapons equivalent," a report released yesterday by the think-tank.

Iran jostles with softening West for nuclear rights,Israel unhappy

Rather than demanding completely abandoning,the West now wants Iran to cut down on nuclear agenda.

Pak nuclear stockpile to touch 200 in a decade: experts

Pak is in the process of building two new plutonium production reactors.

Tokyo's nuclear wisdom: 'Monju' breeder boosts India's plutonium faith

Japan’s controversial decision to restart an advanced N-reactor programme will be seen in India as a vindication of its long-standing commitment to plutonium as a source of energy.


Plutonium threat from N Korea

North Korea said on Tuesday that it has completed reprocessing thousands of spent nuclear fuel rods to extract plutonium.