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Let kids play: Doctors should prescribe playtime for children

“It’s not about fancy toys,” he said. “It’s about common household items that kids can discover and explore,” like putting spoons and plastic containers on the floor “and bang them and see what the child does with them.”

Open playgrounds of all 110 govt schools: Chandigarh Administration

Finance secretary issued orders that playgrounds at all 110 government schools should be opened and floodlights could be installed there.


PMC Budget 2015: Wi-max, Shivsrishti, playgrounds and parks top priority

PMC has proposed Wi-max network for the entire city with a budgetary provision of Rs 50 lakh.

MC’s playground proposal gathers dust

A proposal to develop playgrounds in the city’s government schools is yet to see the light of day.

‘Sports infrastructure not to be used for other purpose’

The sports policy also addresses issues that have affected the sports culture of the city.

PT period in schools outsourced to man with a mission

A row of children stand in line,as a Physical Education Teacher towers above,pointing to pick out a handful of them.


School principals turn to CCTV cameras to maintain discipline

With infrastructure increasing in most of Chandigarh’s private schools,principals have found it difficult to monitor activities both inside and outside the classrooms.