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Easy tips to do away with plastic from your daily life

Wondering how is it possible to do away with plastic? Here are some easy ways to get rid of plastic while switching to eco-friendly methods.

Delhi: 120 kg plastic products seized, unit fined Rs 2 lakh

The unit was found keeping and selling carry bags and other plastic products with a thickness of less than 50 microns, in violation of the Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016.


Pune: Calls for plastic ban intensify, but dairies yet to find alternative for pouches

Back in December 2018, when the state government had banned single-use plastic, dairies which sell milk in plastic pouches were asked to sign extended producer responsibility with plastic manufacturers for recycling the pouches. But the plan failed to yield the desired result.

From creating awareness to wearable fabric: How companies are fighting single-use plastic pollution

To fight single-use plastic pollution, and go the eco-friendly way, popular brands are opting for measures that align innovation with sustainability.

Delhi: Using plastic may soon attract fine up to Rs 50,000

Fines ranging from Rs 50,000 for bulk users to Rs 2,000 for smaller businesses have been recommended in the new laws. Consumers found accepting single-use plastic products could also be fined.

Scientists find large amounts of tiny plastic particles in Arctic snow

Scientists say tiny bits of plastic are being sucked into the atmosphere and carried long distances to some of the remotest corners of the planet.


Bengaluru's ban on plastic and why it is tough to implement

The Karnataka government had drafted notification to ban the plastic in the state in October 2015 and the cabinet approved the notification in March 2016 and the ban came into effect soon after.

Plastics could be recycled to create renewable energy says a new research

The research, published in The Journal for Carbon Research, focuses on chemical recycling which uses the constituent elements of the plastic to make new materials.

You may be eating a credit card's worth of plastic each week, finds study

The study by Australia's University of Newcastle said the largest source of plastic ingestion was drinking water, but another major source was shellfish, which tended to be eaten whole so the plastic in their digestive system was consumed too.

Use of plastics in India growing, but nearly 80% PET bottles recycled

With recycling being the buzz word for sustainability, many brands of footwear and garments are now beginning to use polyester yarns made out of recycled PET bottles.

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Our ocean of waste: Turning the tide on plastic pollution

The call for a mass movement came days after PM Modi’s Independence Day’s address in which he had urged people to shun ‘single-use’ plastic to protect the environment.