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Back to the future: Nose jobs from ancient India

Soldiers' noses, symbols of pride, were common targets in battle. They were also frequently amputated as legal punishment for many crimes, including adultery.

More men turning to plastic surgery to enhance looks, says a Study

A recent study has found out it's not only women who go under the knife for enhancements but men also. There has been a considerable increase in procedures for men such as liposuction, tummy tucks and breast reduction.


Why body shaming Ayesha Takia is not acceptable

It is the system of unfair expectations that needs to be tackled -- not victims of it that need to broken.

Buttock implants fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the US

Buttock implants overtook facial procedures and breast augmentation to emerge as the fastest growing type of cosmetic surgery in the US in 2015

Kim Kardashian planning plastic surgery makeover after second child?

Kim Kardashian is due to give birth to her second child next month.

Kristen Stewart compares plastic surgery to vandalism

Kristen Stewart does not want to change anything about herself.


January Jones afraid of anaesthesia

The actress said she is not against people going for plastic surgery to enhance their looks.

Illegal buttocks injections kill,maim US women

'Bigger bottom will bring them work as music video models or adult entertainers.'

Demi Moore advices Jennifer Aniston to have plastic surgery

Demi Moore suggested that Jennifer Aniston have plastic surgery done on her legs.

Chinese youth take the 'plastic' route to beauty

Doctors feel students should avoid taking unnecessary risks.