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Scientists find large amounts of tiny plastic particles in Arctic snow

Scientists say tiny bits of plastic are being sucked into the atmosphere and carried long distances to some of the remotest corners of the planet.

Will launch campaign against single-use plastic: Prakash Javadekar

Prakash Javadekar made this announcement at Sau Paulo in Brazil after Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech on Thursday urged people to shun single-use plastic and encouraged the use of jute and cloth bags to protect the environment.


Part 1 - 5 countries, 13,000 km, 1 goal: Challenge the everyday use of plastic

I was on a 3-month bike ride across five countries of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand , Cambodia and Nepal, to challenge the everyday use of plastic through an activity called Plogging - a mix of jogging and picking up trash.

Thailand is addicted to plastic, but here's how it can kick the habit

This story is the second of a four-part series on documenting plastic pollution in Southeast Asia.  

8 ways to raise kids in a plastic-free home

Instead of using plastic bottles, you can use stainless steel bottles and mugs at home and even while travelling. Plastic may leach chemicals into the water and aluminium bottles are lined with epoxy resin, which might also leach into the water.

Ahmedabad: Asked to shut, plastic makers seek more time

Addressing the plastic manufacturers, a Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) official said that in the past three years, the state government had been trying hard to get the plastic industry to comply with environmental norms but things have been moving at a slow pace.


In Muktsar, fight against plastic bags starts with Rs 5

Team of residents, led by a doctor, is making a difference in vegetable markets, dairies and langars.

Mission Tandarust Punjab: 4,000 kg of plastic carry bags seized during raids

'Tandarust Punjab' is a comprehensive mission, envisaged as a holistic initiative to take care of the state's air and water quality, and safe food thus ensuring a good living environment for the citizens.

You're unknowingly eating plastic everyday. Here's what it does to your body

A study revealed that the average person could be consuming about 2,000 tiny pieces of plastic every week, which is approximately 21 grams a month, just over 250 grams a year.

Canada to announce ban on single-use plastics

The European Union parliament overwhelmingly voted in March to impose a wide-ranging ban on single-use plastics to counter pollution from discarded items that end up in waterways and fields. EU member states have given their support but need to vote on the measure for it to go into effect.