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Official: 10 dead in Dallas-area plane crash

Addison, Texas, spokeswoman Mary Rosenbleeth says no one survived the Sunday morning crash at the Addison Municipal Airport.

Ethiopia to issue first Boeing investigation report today

The Ethiopian-led investigation has begun piecing together details of flight 302, starting with faulty sensor data on take-off from Addis Ababa, questions over the Boeing 737 MAX's high speed and a nosedive coinciding with the software re-activation.


One of Russia's richest women dies in plane crash in Germany

Natalia Fileva, S7 Group co-owner was aboard a single-engine, six-seat Epic LT aircraft that crashed and burned in a field as it approached the small airport at Egelsbach. German police said there appeared to be three people aboard the plane

The Boeing story: A MAX problem that started with minimal upgrades

Following the second crash involving a 737 MAX, which was operated by Ethiopian Airlines, regulators across the world began grounding the aircraft.

Donald Trump too grounds 737 Max; India says Boeing didn’t give confidence

Announcing the decision, Donald Trump said “Boeing is an incredible company”, and is working hard right now, but their Max aircraft would be grounded until “they come up with a solution”.

Why investigators fear the two Boeing 737s crashed for similar reasons

Two Boeing planes flew in similar erratic patterns, suggesting to experts that an automated system might have malfunctioned on both flights.


Boeing 737 MAX jets barred from entering Indian airspace post 4 pm today

In India, SpiceJet and Jet Airways operate the aircraft. While Jet’s all five 737 MAXs are grounded due to the airline’s financial woes, Spicejet has been allowed to fly till 4 pm today.

SpiceJet continues to fly Boeing 737 MAX despite DGCA order; here is why

SpiceJet operates a fleet of 12 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, while Jet Airways operates five of the Boeing's latest flagship narrowbody plane. However, Jet's planes were already grounded due to the airline's financial woes.

Behind crashes that killed 346: Problem with Boeing 737 MAX

Two deadly crashes in a span of less than five months involving one of the most modern aircraft in the market, the Boeing 737 MAX 8, have prompted aviation authorities and airlines to draw similarities between the two incidents.

Ethiopian Airlines crash: Plane smoked and shuddered before deadly plunge

The pilot had requested permission to return, saying he was having problems - but it was too late. All 157 aboard died in the crash.

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Passenger coach rams into stationary Air India plane in Kolkata

Jet Airways passenger bus rams into stationary Air India flight at Kolkata airport, no casualties.

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Indonesia Jet Crash: Rescue official believes 'no one survived'

Lion Air Flight 610, which was carrying 189 people, crashed into the Java Sea near Indonesia shortly after taking off from Jakarta on Monday. The pilot was Bhavye Suneja, an Indian from New Delhi.

Country is waiting for Bose documents release: Netaji’s grand nephew

New Delhi, Jan 22 (ANI): Grand nephew of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandra Kumar Bose, on Friday said the country is waiting to see how the NDA Government will transform a “government of suppression and deceit” to a “government of transparency and openness”. CK Bose on Friday arrived in New Delhi for attending the event of declassification of files pertaining to Netaji’s death on January 23.


Russia mourns victims of airliner accident in Egypt’s Sinai

The accident is the worst air disaster in Russian history.

Russian passenger jet crash in Sinai – 224 people killed

A Russian passenger jet, carrying 224 people, has crashed in the Sinai peninsula killing everybody on board.