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Friday, July 01, 2022



What's hot and what's not: Pinterest predicts fashion, beauty, food and travel trends for 2022

December 10, 2021 5:20 pm

Pinterest's trend predictions for fashion, beauty, health and food next year have one thing in common -- nostalgia.

Microsoft approached Pinterest in recent months about potential deal: Report

February 11, 2021 8:53 am

Pinterest’s shares have risen over seven times from its pandemic-low in March last year. Pinterest had previously signaled it wants to remain an independent company, the FT said.

Turkey slaps advertising ban on Twitter, Pinterest

January 19, 2021 3:33 pm

Facebook avoided the advertising ban after it announced Monday that it had begun the process of assigning a legal entity in Turkey.

Explained: What is the gender discrimination lawsuit that Pinterest has settled?

December 16, 2020 10:25 am

The suit was brought by the company’s former chief operating officer Françoise Brougher in August, who maintained that she was fired by the company in April for speaking out about rampant discrimination, hostile work environment and misogyny at the workplace.

Pinterest shares plummet on disappointing 2019 revenue forecast

May 17, 2019 11:36 am

Pinterest's sales outlook was a disappointment said Forte, especially given the high expectations reflected in the run up in shares.

Pinterest restricts vaccine search results to curb spread of misinformation

February 25, 2019 11:49 am

Other companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have also been infiltrated with misinformation about vaccines. But only Pinterest, as first reported by The Wall Street Journal, has chosen to banish results.

From Pegan diet to grazing tables, here are top food trends of 2019 according to Pinterest

January 01, 2019 9:00 am

From home-made food items, veganism to decorated food tables, here is the list of the hottest food trends put together by the app for the coming year.

Pinterest top beauty trends 2018: From purple eyeshadow to ash-coloured hair, here's what's hot

August 30, 2018 2:58 pm

While Korean beauty trends have risen by 36 per cent, braided hairstyles have made a comeback in the US. When it comes to eyeshadows, purple has topped the list in the United States, but in other parts of the world, metallics are heavily searched.

Why so many platforms shut out Infowars

August 14, 2018 8:28 am

After the action by Vimeo, Twitter remains the only big online platform where Infowars’ content is still available, apart from the Infowars website itself.

Pinterest raises $150 Million in funding at 2015 share price

June 07, 2017 3:12 pm

Pinterest Inc. raised $150 million in venture funding from a group of existing investors at the same share price as two years ago as growth at the closely held company fails to keep pace with internet rivals. The last fundraiser was held in 2015 at with $11 billion valuation