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Cheap combo pill cuts heart, stroke risks, study finds

The new study is much larger and gives stronger evidence because it tracked heart attacks, strokes and other problems — not just risk factors.

Soon, pill to wipe out bad memories?

Scientists have found that a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis may pave the way for a pill that can erase bad memories.


Research on for a pill that can replace workouts

The more encouraging of the new studies,which appears this week in Nature Medicine,expands on a major study published last year in Nature

Pill to quit smoking increases risk of heart attack by 72 pc

Study found that varenicline increased risk even among smokers without heart disease.

Coming in 10 years: the pills that keep you 'young forever'

Linda Partridge said by taking a pill a day from middle-age,one will grow old free from illnesses.

Now,a pill for men!

An Israeli team has created the pill by jamming the biochemical machinery of sperm. It also needs to be taken only once in three months.


Pill that could end misery of menstrual cramps

British scientists have claimed to have developed an effective pill that could end the misery of menstrual cramps by curing its root cause.

A chilli pill that cuts as many calories as 80-min walk

Scientists claimed to have developed a slimming pill that can burn off as many calories as 80 minutes of walk or a 25-minute jog,while you sit.

Coming soon: A memory pill!

An international team is coming up with the pill which could make memories stick,in a study that will not only help students revising for exams but also patients with dementia or other brain disorders.

'Magic pill' for those fighting battle of bulge

There is a ray of hope for those fighting the battle of the bulge,with a 'magic pill' that stops the body from absorbing some of the fat in food set to go on sale.