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Can you do Pilates in pregnancy? Entrepreneur Poorna Patel shows us how

As a series of controlled movements, mostly on an exercise mat, Pilates involves moves that are very easy to modify during pregnancy.

Celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala on her love for Pilates and how women's fitness has changed over the years

Yasmin Karachiwala, whose client list comprises celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif, talks about her journey of becoming India’s most sought after fitness trainer.


WATCH: Namrata Purohit gives lessons on how to start out with Pilates on a reformer

Namrata Purohit took to Instagram and shared a video of herself working out on a reformer. For the uninitiated, a reformer is a bed-like frame with an adjustable platform on it that moves back and forth.

What is Core Stix? Here's why Bollywood celebs are swearing by it

Bollywood celebrities like Malaika Arora and Sonakshi Sinha are crushing on this new fitness equipment. Find out all the benefits you can avail from the challenging Core Stix workout.

Jacqueline Fernandez's pole fitness trainer shares health benefits of pole dancing

Pole dance is an emerging form of fitness which is a wonderful cardiovascular and isometric exercise wrapped into one. It has found fans in Bollywood celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Yami Gautam, Esha Gupta and Varun Dhawan.

WATCH: Yasmin Karachiwala's latest fitness lesson on Instagram is on how to be mentally and physically fit

In case you are up for some Calisthenics and functional training but want to know more about its health benefits before trying out, then here's help. Try Yasmin Karachiwala's routine for complete physical and mental wellness.


WATCH: Celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit has a Pilates formula for strong back and toned hips

Namrata Purohit shared a video on Instagram recently, where the celebrity trainer was seen doing Pilates moves like Swan Dive and Grasshopper. From working on the glutes to hamstrings, find out how they can benefit you.

VIDEO: Yasmin Karachiwala shows how to make the most out of a Plank workout

While one may be regularly working out, it is imperative to have a correct posture and position to work out effectively to reap optimum results. Yasmin Karachiwala shows how one can assume a correct Plank posture. See video here.

VIDEO: Tone your glutes with Yasmin Karachiwala's CLAM workout

Why should you take up the Clam? For the simple reason that it helps with hip stabilization, balance and power. Yasmin Karachiwala shows how you can make optimum use of this Pilates workout. See the video here.

WATCH: Yasmin Karachiwala shows the correct way of doing squats

Yasmin Karachiwala says that the most common myth about squats is that they are just a lower body or leg workout. However, they are actually a full body workout. Check out the video here.