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Should you use the camera flash when clicking your baby's pictures?

Whenever there is bright light, the pupil in the eye constricts for protection. The pupillary reaction in newborn babies - those who are less than a month old or even preterm — is not well developed.

How children can spin fiction from a photograph

Sometimes, the image needn't provide a beginning, end, or story-premise; only serving as inspiration for the main characters. So this might be a story about two friends or two neighbours, or even a familiar uncle-aunt (of the child) who loves outdoor activities and staying fit and healthy.


Birth photography, a growing trend: Meet a couple behind the lens

Birth photography: In India, there are just a handful of people who are offering their services for birth photography. The photographer is dressed in sterile hospital scrubs and fully sanitises her hands and feet before entering the labour room or OT.

These visually challenged kids are learning to click pictures with a regular camera

Learning photography has made these visually impaired children more confident at an early age. Express Parenting met fashion photographer Richa Maheshwari, who is helping these kids express their love for photography, fuelled by the desire to be seen on social media.

All worlds’s a stage

An exhibition, ‘Beyond Barriers’, features Vinod Chauhan’s photographs from across the world.

The Diary of an Artist

Sohrab Hura’s photobook, Look It’s Getting Sunny Outside!!!, offers a peek into the life within his mother’s home


This rooftop photographer is driven by fascination for highrises

The 20-year-old is one of the few rooftop photographers of the city, chronicling its changing vertical expanses. For Mhatre, his job resulted more out of his love for tall buildings than photography.

Hanging on a Thread

Chandan Gomes weaves a discussion around loneliness and online relationships using his photographs at the prestigious Rencontres d’Arles festival in France

Google introduces 3 photography apps, dubbed 'appsperiments'

Google has introduced three new apps, to help with photography and video skills, in a move the company terms as 'appsperiments'.

A Deeper Lens

Students pay tribute to wildlife photographer Rakesh Sahai through images that recall their studies of nature.

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Pretty pictures at ugly places: Photographer proves the right skill can have a magical effect

Photographer Jenna Martin makes the most boring backdrop look amazing. Teaming up with her model friend Rachelle Kathleen, she made the photos look simply stunning!

Amateur vs Pro: These before-and-after pictures show how a photographer 'sees' the world

There is a fine line between amateur and professional photography, but do you know what separates the two? Phillip Haumesser captured the stark contrast, and showed how changing the 'eye' could change everything. Steal a glance at these before-and-after pictures.


Look into my eyes: Photographer captures stunning close-ups of the human eye

Andrei Mogan captures high-resolution close-up images of people's eyes and juxtaposes them against the people themselves.

These 15 photos prove ageing can be beautiful too

These splendid pictures from a photo contest capture the underlying beauty of ageing in its various hues.

From Himalayas to Bahamas: These #EarthArt pictures by astronaut Scott Kelly are beautiful

This is a compilation of astronaut Scott Kelly's photographs from Twitter — that he describes as Earth Art. And it more than lives up to the name.

Candid clicks: How an American photographer views India

Craig Semetko released a photo-book - India Unposed in the US in April last year. An exhibition on his work was recently organised that shows India in a candid and “unposed” fashion.


Canon 1200 D test: A night market and a tech show

Testing the Canon 1200D at Taiwan's Shilin night market and the Computex 2014.

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Meet the children who don't let visual disability get in the way of their love for photography

On World Disability Day, Express Parenting brings you the story of fashion photographer Richa Maheshwari who has taken it upon herself to teach photography to children with visual disability.