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Woman in coma gives birth: Police collect DNA samples of male employees at facility

The woman's family said it would take care of the baby. In their first remarks on the case, the police said, "She was not in a position to give consent to any of this. So if anyone can understand that, this was a helpless victim who was sexually assaulted."

Healthcare facility's CEO resigns after woman in coma for decade gives birth

Police probes sexual assault. The DNA testing of all male employees at the health facility has been ordered


Woman in coma for decade gives birth, Phoenix police probe sexual assault

No one knew she was pregnant. Sources said the woman was heard to be moaning and that the baby's head was starting to emerge when a nurse came in.

Iran successfully tests space-launch vehicle: Report

Iranian state television described the launch as involving a "Simorgh'' rocket that is capable of carrying a satellite weighing 250 kilograms (550 pounds). The state media report did not elaborate on the rocket's payload. "Simorgh'' means "phoenix'' in Farsi.

China's clampdown on webcasting sends Weibo, Sina reeling

Weibo, AcFun and are “broadcasting large amounts of programming that don’t meet national standards and which propagate negative opinions on public affairs,” the national broadcasting regulator said in a statement posted on its website.

Mel B scared of daughter Phoenix's driving

Singer Mel B is terrified of teenage daughter Phoenix's driving skills.


Dallas through to playoffs after one-year absence

Dallas is back in the postseason after a 12-year playoff streak ended last season. Eric Bledsoe led Phoenix with 29 points.

Brains and bronze

Nashik boy Vidit Gujrathi pored over Kasporov books and stayed tenacious to corner the World chess juniors medal recently.

Obama sends condolences for firefighters who died in Arizona wildfire

Obama says the firefighters were heroes and highly skilled professionals,

Arizona blaze: 19 firefighters killed battling wildfire

Firfighters all died late Sunday afternoon while fighting to contain Yarnell Hill wildfire near Phoenix.