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Climate protesters interrupt speech by UK finance minister

Several women, wearing red evening dresses and sashes with the words 'climate emergency', prevented Hammond from speaking for a few minutes by using loudspeakers to shout slogans during a banquet in London's landmark Mansion House building.

May's plan best for UK economy under Brexit, says Philip Hammond

Hammond also denied the government was trying to scare lawmakers into dropping their opposition to May's plan ahead of a vote in parliament on December 11.


Brexit deal is best option to protect British economy: finance minister

Prime Minister Theresa May is due to meet EU leaders on Sunday in Brussels to sign off on the Brexit deal although objections from Spain over Gibraltar could yet derail the plans.

Britain to target online giants with new 'Digital Services Tax'

Big internet companies, which say they follow tax rules, had previously paid little tax in Europe, typically by channelling sales via countries such as Ireland and Luxembourg which have light-touch tax regimes.

UK needs Brexit deal to end austerity: Finance Minister Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond has angered many Conservative Party lawmakers by arguing Britain should remain close to the EU.

British finance minister Philip Hammond urges party to unite on Brexit, says EU is 'the enemy' 

Hammond infuriated pro-Brexit newspapers this week and was criticised by some Conservatives including former finance minister Nigel Lawson for not agreeing to spend money now on preparations for the possibility of Britain leaving the EU without a deal.


Capitalism is the only way: UK Finance Minister Philip Hammond challenges Labour Party

Philip Hammond's words echo those of May, who last week issued her own defence of capitalism - a sign of growing concern about the threat Labour poses to the pro-business orthodoxy that has underpinned British economic policy since Margaret Thatcher's reforms in the 1980s.

Brexit transition could last until 2022: UK minister Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond, who campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU in last year's referendum but now supports withdrawal, is seen as an advocate of a more moderate "soft Brexit" in contrast to more hardline ministers.

"Apologists" are to be blamed for terror activities: Philip Hammond

The British foreign minister rejected claims that slip-ups by the intelligence services helped turn young Britons into jihadi militants.

India among top 5 financial contributors to Ebola response

The fact is more countries can and must step up in order to make their contributions felt, and this chart tells the story.