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Fuel price affects vehicle sales, not credit: RBI study

100 basis points growth in fuel prices today will decrease automobile sales growth (excluding two-wheelers) by 72 bps two months down the line, the central bank study said.

Petrol price cut by Rs 2, diesel by Re 1 in last 8 days

The retail selling price of petrol and diesel is dependent on the international prices of benchmark fuel and the rupee-US dollar exchange rate.


Fuel price today: Petrol costs Rs 81.82/litre in Delhi, Rs 87.29/litre in Mumbai

In Chennai, petrol and diesel retailed at Rs 85.04 per litre and Rs 77.73 per litre, respectively. In Bengaluru, petrol and diesel are being sold for Rs 82.46 per litre and Rs 73.90 per litre respectively.

Day after fuel rate cut, Rahul Gandhi again raises demand of bringing petrol, diesel under GST

"The general public is worried by the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel. Please bring them under the ambit of GST," Rahul Gandhi wrote in a tweet addressed to PM Modi.

Too late: Shiv Sena on Centre's fuel rate cut

It also slammed Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis for his reported remark that he was "ready to mortgage the state in Dr B R Ambedkar's service".

How first cut in fuel prices in a year could strain finances

On top of the excise duty cut, which will cost the exchequer Rs 21,000 crore in a full year, the government has asked oil marketing companies to share a burden of Re 1 per litre of fuel, which will result in under-recoveries.


Too little, too late, says Opposition on fuel price cut

The Opposition said the cut announced on Thursday was too little, too late and argued that the reduction came because the BJP is staring at defeat in key state elections later this year.

Fuel price hike: Petrol costs Rs 91.20/litre in Mumbai, Rs 83.85/litre in Delhi

Fuel price hike: Among the other cities, a litre of petrol costs Rs 85.65 in Kolkata, Rs 87.18 in Chennai, Rs77.34 in Panjim. Diesel, on the other hand, is retailing at Rs 77.10/litre in Kolkata, at Rs 79.57/litre in Chennai, Rs 76.68/litre in Panjim.

Fuel price hike: Petrol prices at record high, breach Rs 91/litre mark in Mumbai

Fuel price hike: With petroleum still excluded from the GST regime, prices vary according to local taxes. Delhi has cheap fuel rates because of lower taxes.

Fuel price hike: Petrol price at record high, hits Rs 90.22/litre mark in Mumbai

The fuel prices are the highest in Maharashtra due to the heavy VAT levied on them. The Maharashtra Congress said the fuels have now become befitting gifts for weddings.