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Important things to know about your first period after pregnancy

There is, however, no reason to be alarmed in case the menstrual flow is heavier or lighter in comparison to what it was before pregnancy. The cycle may also be irregular in the initial phases.

A Lancet study says, 'menstrual cups are safe': All you need to know about this alternative to sanitary pads

Menstrual cups are small cups made of medical-grade silicone, which sit in the vagina and collect period blood.


From stress to PCOS: Reasons your period is delayed or has suddenly stopped

If you are a young woman and have regular periods, but have missed out one for three months and are not pregnant, then you should see your gynecologist as it could be more serious.

If you get your periods on a flight, expect no help from the crew

Surprisingly, the IGI Airport washroom is not equipped with a sanitary pad vending machine even as the Railways and some other public facilities have begun installing such machines.

If your child asks you about the period emoji, what do you say?

Children have access to smartphones from a very young age now. This means there are chances they might come across the period emoji, once introduced, and may also use it, perhaps, without even knowing what it stands for. Will the emoji encourage parents to talk about periods with their children?

Suffering from period cramps? Here are some natural and pharmaceutical remedies for you

Most women experience stomach cramps at some point or the other because of their menstrual cycle. Contrary to widespread belief, they need not suffer the pain; there are ways to get relief.


Sugary drinks trigger early periods

Girls who frequently consume sugary drinks tend to start their menstrual periods earlier than girls who do not, new research shows.

Shh... you are on periods: Why do we treat menses as a disease?

We treat periods like a disease where a woman has to behave in a certain way, has to stay at home and away from kitchen, regular sitting area.

What if guys had periods? This video features amused girls, 'devastated' boys

"Maybe there will be a change in the society," this reply by a college going girl kind of sums it up.

Women's 'time of the month' determines shopping desire!

Ladies,now you have the perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree – researchers claim that it's a woman's 'time of the month' which determines her purchasing desire.