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Sikkim border standoff: Chinese transgression into Indian territory twice in July

"On both occasions [on July 15 and July 25] about 15-20 Chinese soldiers transgressed into the territory at Barahoti that India and China lay claim upon. The soldiers stayed there for a while and returned," the source said.

What is China's military strength?

The Chinese People's Liberation Army is the defence service force of China. PLA was formed in 1972 and it comprises ground forces, naval forces, artillery, armed police and air force.


Ready to retreat but only if Chinese troops do: India

Chumar, where the Indian security forces are at an advantageous position, has seen the worst stand-off in the past four days.

Chinese troops said to be 2 km inside LAC, build-up on the rise

Chumar is strategically important as it is located on a higher altitude and India has an ITBP camp there.

Officials deny Chinese role in destroying tents along LAC

There have been four Chinese intrusions along LAC over the past 15 days.

Manorama rape and murder: 10 years on, family’s hope for justice fades

The incident had led to widespread protests in Manipur and the rest of India.


Chinese transgressions on the rise in Ladakh,India to fortify border outposts

Outposts will be constructed in Ladakh sector where average distance between two posts is 20-25km.

'Chinese military publicly assertive under new leadership'

Chinese defence forces,shedding reticent style of functioning,are highlighting their military activities since the change of leadership.

China sends troops to disputed islands in South China Sea

The Central Military Commission has approved the deployment of a garrison of soldiers

Head of Maoists in Assam held

His area of operation reportedly includes the whole of West Bengal and the Saranda forests.