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Pennsylvania day care center fire kills 5 children

At least four of the victims were staying overnight at the residential house that had been turned into a daycare centre, Erie Chief Fire Inspector John Widomski told the Erie Times-News.

US: At least 1 person killed, multiple others shot at bar in Pennsylvania

Authorities said a 21-year-old man from Bellefonte drove away from the bar and broke into a home and shot a man inside before shooting and killing himself.


Pennsylvania sexual abuse probe report: Providing sex would take you to heaven, priest allegedly told victim

More than 1,000 children — and possibly many more — were molested since the 1940s, the report said.

US National Weather Service confirms 2 Pennsylvania tornadoes

In Wilkes-Barre, city and county officials had closed roads around the damaged shopping centers because of downed power lines and damage to a propane cylinder that was still leaking as of midmorning Thursday.

Ex-governor takes blame for Malala event song flap

Ed Rendell is blaming himself for a flap that led to a song being scrapped from a program honoring Malala.

16 year old boy in Pennsylvania school stabs 22

The rampage set off a screaming stampede, left blood on the floor and walls, and brought teachers rushing to help the victims.


Winter storm leaves 25 dead, thousands without power in US

The snow, sleet and ice that bombarded the Southeast on Wednesday brought its ferocity into the Northeast on Thursday.

75% staff off; clean loos,simple menu at White House

The staff of 90 that normally tends to the president’s residence has been cut to 15.

Dying two-yr-old is best man at parents' wedding

People: Logan Stevenson has leukaemia. The Stevensons learned late last month that their son had 2 to 3 weeks to live

Indian-American to get USD 100K for selling lottery ticket

An Indian-American in Pennsylvania will get USD 1000 for selling a lottery ticket worth USD 131.5 million.