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The right of the reader

Where is the political, judicial leadership to stand up to attempts to silence the writer?

Letters to the editor: Historic wrong

Penguin’s decision to sign an out-of-court settlement abandons the basic ethics of publishing.


'The Hindus' controversy: Have to respect laws even if they are intolerant, says Penguin

In its statement, released two days after the controversy broke, the publisher added that it has a moral responsibility to protect its "employees against threats and harassment".

Silencing of liberal India

Courts, publishers, educators and professional offence mongers are to blame.

The Hindus controversy: 'Angry' Wendy Doniger says Indian law true villain

If legal means of publication fail, Internet has other ways of keeping books in circulation: Doniger.

Penguin India caves in, agrees to trash Wendy Doniger's book on Hinduism

All copies of Chicago Indologist Wendy Doniger’s seminal work to be trashed in 6 months in India.