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Evoking the spirit of 'Sanjha Punjab': At this campus cafe, first-time voters ask if loving your country means hating Pakistan

The stage for this informal discourse is PAU’s Farm View Cafe with symbols of shared culture and history of undivided Punjab strewn all across the setting.

PAU Kisan Mela: Book ads for magazine first, then get stalls

PAU campus is all set to organise its two-day Kisan Mela on March 14.


PAU elections: Campaigning ends; pending arrears, salary on time major poll plans

As many as 1,384 employees will vote for 15 posts of PAU Employees Union on Jan 10.

State agri management welcomes new recruits

Punjab Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute at PAU campus organised a two-day orientation programme for newly recruited computer operators under Centrally sponsored Support to State Extension Programmes for Extension Reforms scheme which concluded on Thursday.

PAMETI training programme concludes

The four day training programme on New Dimensions for Agriculture Extension Management at Punjab Agricultural Management & Extension Training Institute (PAMETI) at PAU campus ended on Friday.