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Patricia Arquette almost 'passed out' after Oscar win

Patricia Arquette won the Academy Award for her role in Richard Linklater's Boyhood and gave a fiery speech calling for gender equality. Arquette has revealed she felt nauseated the entire time she was on the stage addressing the audience.

Patricia Arquette 'ok' with losing roles following wage gap speech

Patricia Arquette says losing on roles following her wage gap Oscar speech does not bother her.


Patricia Arquette addresses her Oscars speech on wage equality

Arquette also expressed regret for the "stupid wording" she made during her comments that evening. "It was my own lack of clarity backstage that made some women feel left out or slighted. This of all things makes me sad, because they are my heroes."

I am terrified of marriage: Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette says she is "terrified" at the thought of tying the knot again as the marriage failure is "very personal" for her.

Patricia Arquette to be honoured at Monte Carlo TV Festival

Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette will be honored with a Lifetime achievement awards at the Monte Carlo Televison Festival.

'Boyhood' actress Patricia Arquette to write memoir

Patricia Arquette will write a memoir about her family and her personal take on Hollywood.


Patricia Arquette clarifies Oscar night comments

"I think the way people perceived it is not the way at all I intended," said Patricia.

Patricia Arquette suffers wardrobe malfunction

Patricia Arquette suffered a wardrobe malfunction when returning from an errand run in Beverly Hills.

Patricia Arquette's Oscars backstage comments land her in hot water

Patricia Arquette, landed in trouble by calling "people of color" to fight for women's rights in the backstage interview during the ceremony.

The Oscar Moments

Oscar 2015 night was a strange bag—the ceremony was long and dull and the speeches hit the best notes.