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Kabir Singh and toxic masculinity: Relationship experts say films and actors should ensure caution in portrayal

While many have lauded Shahid Kapoor's performance, others have questioned whether this kind of film should have been even thought of considering the "overbearing nature" of Kapoor's character and his tumultuous relationship with his love interest.

Nowhere Men

The entire country is frantically googling “shared psychosis” and speculating how a seemingly normal family — who were dancing at one of the victim’s engagement two weeks ago — could become unwitting participants in this gruesome tragedy.


'Castration' order: Patriarchy is the problem but Madras HC proposes it as panacea for rape

What is most dangerous in the Madras HC order is that instead of recognizing the patriarchal family as the biggest part of the problem, it proposes the same patriarchal family as panacea!

Gender bias is outdated, but then who cares

It is easy to imagine patriarchy represented by conniving men in suits and ties looking down upon women with a smirk on their faces. But what is the role of women in all this?

Delhi-based activist holds workshop on gender sensitisation

Activist and gender trainer from Delhi,Kamla Bhasin conducted a one-day workshop on ‘Gender Sensitisation’ on Monday at Post Graduate Government College for Girls,Sector 11 (PG-GCG-11). Bhasin spoke on various issues like gender,sexuality,patriarchy and violence,explaining how patriarchy is supported and perpetuated by both men and women,and how it destroys both men and women. ‘Hum Hain’,a society […]