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Pat Farmer: ‘City an example for India... given a chance, I would love to live here’

Ask him about running and Farmer does not wait for even a second and starts speaking about his Spirit of India Run to the 50-odd listeners at a city hotel. “I have run nearly 3,600 km in India during this run,” he says.

Spirit of India run: Aussie athlete in town today, Milkha ‘snubbed’

Farmer started his 4,400-km long run from Kanyakumari on January 26 and has found support from long-distance athletes in other states.


Pat Farmer, arrives in Vadodara on 4000km "Spirit of India Run".

Pat Farmer, former Minister of the Australian government, arrived in Vadodara, Tuesday, on his 4000km "Spirit of India Run" from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Express Photo by Bhupendra Rana.