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Whip up these delicious pasta dishes for your kids

Try these simple pasta recipes this weekend.

Should pregnant women eat pasta?

World Pasta Day: Pasta does contain nutrients like vitamin A, B, folic acid and the most essential macronutrient, carbohydrate.


World Pasta Day: Try these recipes to make pasta from scratch at home

Making pasta is an art and like every other kind of art, it needs the right guidance and some luck to bind it all together. Here are a few recipes to help you master the art of pasta making.

Obsessed with takeaway orders? Think twice

Ordering a takeaway is an appealing option. But it may affect our teeth. So, think before you eat.

Reheat your pasta to avoid fat

Love pasta but hate to add those extra kilos around your waist? Cool it down and reheat it again.

For something so simple,pasta is serious business

Research says,pasta sales worldwide have grown steadily over the past 3 years,to euros 22.3 billion


The geometry of pasta

Mathematicians inspired by the shapes of pasta are exploring equations that describe them

Fare Enough

Glaze,Hotel Amara’s new fine dine restaurant,impresses with its understated elegance and hand-picked menu.

Parathas favourite among foreign athletes

On an average day,600 parathas are being consumed by the delegates at the facility.

Matinee Meal

You can dump the extra buttery,high calorie and obscenely huge tub of popcorn and Coke that we’ve all resigned ourselves to while watching a movie,for a healthy salad or even,grilled chicken.