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Millions using '123456' as password: Study

A study at UK's National Cyber Security Centre has found that millions of people are still using easy-to-guess passwords like "123456" and "qwerty" on sensitive accounts.

Tips that will help you unlock your Android phone if you forget your password

In case you have forgotten the PIN number or unlock pattern for your Android phone here are a few ways that can help restore usability


How to set a super tough P@$$w0rd you won't forget

There are reports that millions of email accounts are compromised, so it is a good time to reset your password

Now forgotten passwords could be a thing of the past

Passwords are not always easy to remember. What if you can have a system that others cannot crack and you do not forget?

Free-form gestures could be passwords to unlock phones: Study

The next generation passwords could just be finger gestures to unlock smartphones and tabs.

A strong password does matter

Especially at a time when password cracking is proving to be a lucrative business for underground crime syndicates


Phone banking: New password a must

From tomorrow,RBI has made it mandatory for customers to get a new single-use password.