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Person in persistent vegetative state shouldn't be made experimental object: Ex-CJI Misra

Justice (retd) Misra said if a person cannot die with dignity, it was akin to affecting his or her identity.

Dignity, but for whom?

Verdict on living wills does not take into account socioeconomic realities.


Kanpur woman, daughter write to President Kovind for passive euthanasia

Since 2014, Anamika has been writing to the President, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Justice of India, stating that if arrangements could not be made for their treatment, they should be told how to end their lives.

UP woman, daughter write to President for passive euthanasia

Anamika Mishra contracted muscular dystrophy, a genetic disease which leads to increasing weakening and breakdown of skeletal muscles, six years ago.

‘We want to go while our organs are still working’, says Mumbai couple

Lavate wanted to end his life along with his wife Iravati (78), a former school principal. The couple does not have children and are “as healthy as old age lets them be”, they claim.

Life and death

The living will guarantee freedom and dignity, but it faces complex issues, which must be ironed out in use.


Passive euthanasia now legal: Health experts hail SC ruling, say it was long due

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court today recognized that a terminally-ill patient can write a 'living will' that permits doctors to withdraw life support, saying a person with no will to live shouldn't suffer in a comatose state.

What is active, passive euthanasia and 'living will'?

The Supreme Court, in a landmark judgement on Friday, decided that passive euthanasia will be legally allowed henceforth in India.

Passive euthanasia now legal: Here's everything you need to know about Supreme Court guidelines for 'living will'

It defined passive euthanasia as, "a decision to withdraw life-saving treatment by a patient who is competent to take decision as well as with regard to a patient who is not competent to take decision can be termed as passive euthanasia, which is lawful and legally permissible in this country."

Author Pinki Virani hails SC ruling on passive euthanasia

Virani had approached the Supreme Court in 2009 as the "next friend" of Shanbaug, who was in a vegetative state after being assaulted and raped by a wardboy-cum-sweeper at the KEM Hospital in Mumbai in 1973.