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World Egg Day: What the eeda? Understanding the Parsi love for eggs

From tomato per eeda to fried kera per eeda, we try to analyse the unending love affair which Parsis have with eggs.

Parsi restaurants now offer a vast vegetarian menu. But how authentic are these dishes?

While we are glad that vegetarians can now enjoy Parsi flavours, you have to wonder – are these authentic Parsi delicacies? Or are they concessions and creations being made for the potential vegetarian diner?


Parsi New Year 2018: Does your child love eggs? Try this Deekro Ando Bhurji!

Parsi New Year 2018: Their love for eggs is also seen in dishes like Pora, which is a Parsi omelette and “Par eeda” dishes which include vegetables like tomato, potato and ladyfinger, cooked with the eggs on top.

Foodi.e. Plates: Give your 'anda bhurji' a Parsi twist

The traditional Parsi dish Egg Akoori from the SodaBottleOpenerWala kitchen is a variation of the popular egg bhurji, with lots of masalas thrown in.

Mumbai's famous Parsi chefs to cook for Delhi

Parsi master chefs Tehtman and Shernaz Dumasia from Mumbai, on cooking for Delhi.