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Simply Put: The Amendment procedure

Debate on the 10% ‘forward quota’ Bill saw arguments on the amendment procedure, including whether the Bill should be ratified by state Assemblies, and questions related to aided and unaided institutions.

Work and play

A Bill on employees’ right to not respond to official communication outside work could spark a wider conversation.


Private Member’s Bill to allow employees to ignore calls after work

The Right to Disconnect Bill mandates companies to detail out-of-work demands “as a way to reduce stress and ease tension between an employee’s personal and professional life,” Sule said.

Nod to DNA Technology Regulation Bill

The Bill provides for establishment of a national DNA data bank and regional DNA data banks.

Opposition sit-in in House to protest extra sitting

Opposition leaders said that they were informed about the extension only on Tuesday morning at the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee.

Bill to facilitate recognition of trade unions introduced in Lok Sabha

The Trade Unions (Amendment) Bill 2019 met with opposition from the Congress, CPI(M) and RSP. The CPI(M) staged a walkout after terming it “draconian and unconstitutional”.


10% quota bill may face Rajya Sabha hurdle as Opposition says don’t push it

Sources said that the Opposition parties suggested that another session, either a Budget Session or an extension of the Winter Session, be called two-three days earlier to discuss the Bill in detail and pass it rather than doing so in a hurried manner.

Lok Sabha Speaker suspends four MPs for disrupting proceedings

Three AIADMK MPs and one TDP lawmaker, who were suspended from the Parliament for two days, started protests as soon as the House met this morning, forcing Mahajan to adjourn proceedings.

Lok Sabha passes bill to remove leprosy as ground for divorce

Participating in the discussion, Asaduddin Owaisi (AIMIM) opposed the Bill. "Do not interfere in Muslim Personal law," Owaisi said, adding that other Muslim countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh still allows divorce on grounds of leprosy.

Cong, TMC, CPI(M), SP move dissent notes to JPC report on Citizenship Amendment Bill

"As members of the joint committee on Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, we can state that there was no consensus in the committee on the final report. We had been opposed to the bill as it brings out the ethnic divisions in the state of Assam."

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In pictures: Another day of Parliament's Winter Session lost due to disruptions

The Lok Sabha was on Thursday adjourned for the day as members of the AIADMK and TDP continued to disrupt proceedings.

From umbrella to black dresses: See how opposition corners govt on black money in Parliament

The BJP had promised to bring back black money from abroad within 100 days of coming to power.