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Parkinson's disease

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World Parkinson's Day 2019: Useful tips to help fight Parkinson's disease

World Parkinson's Day is celebrated on April 11 to create awareness about the long-term degenerative disorder. It also marks the birthday of James Parkinson, a physician who described the disease.

World Parkinson's Day 2018: Experts reveal the symptoms and causes of the disorder

World Parkinson's Day is celebrated to create awareness about the disease and it also marks the birthday of James Parkinson, a London physician, who first described the disease. Know the signs and causes of the disorder.


How exercise can slow progression of Parkinson's disease

The researcehrs found that in the running mice, exercise increased brain and muscle expression of a key protective gene called DJ-1, compared to control transgenic animals which had locked running wheels.

Asthma medicine may cut Parkinson's risk by half: Study

Parkinson's is a disease with unknown causes. It destroys the brain cells that control body movements. Shivering, stiff arms and legs and poor coordination are typical symptoms of Parkinson's.

New gene mutation linked to onset of Parkinson's

The study showed that mutations in this new gene have led to pathologically and clinically proven cases of Parkinson's disease.

Can Alzheimer's be prevented by dietary supplements?

Neurological diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's may soon be tackled by consuming dietary supplements.


Irregular sleep-wake cycles may worsen Parkinson's disease

Circadian rhythm disturbances are increasingly reported before the onset of Parkinson's.

Lasers may cure Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

These diseases arise when amyloid beta protein are aggregated in large doses.

‘Sorcerer’ gets 3-year RI for duping woman of Rs 1 crore

A magisterial L court on Friday sentenced a woman to three years of rigorous imprisonment for duping another woman of Rs 1.03 crore by promising her to cure her husband’s Parkinson’s disease through black magic.

Depression may triple Parkinson's disease risk

Depression is linked to various other diseases including cancer and stroke.