Paris shooting

Paris shooting News

Terror-hit Paris store picks up the pieces off the shelf

The grocery shop of Paris where the shoppers were cornered by Amedy Coulibaly, reopened on March 5.

The silence of corpses

Blasphemy isn’t, as multiculturalists assert, meaningless rovocation. Instead, it’s critical to human progress


Explained: ‘Freedom’ to express oneself, but within limits

In India, the Constitution guarantees free speech but not the right to offend. A look at what has constrained and qualified that right.

France attack: Limits of solidarité

I am not ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and I am not a terrorist.

Charlie Hebdo attack: Hunt for jihad commander ‘Mr Marlboro’

France scours african desert for Jihadist commander and his 3½-ft executioner.

French probe terror suspect links; new attacks may be ahead, says PM Valls

French PM late Friday, indicated authorities are bracing for the possibility of new attacks.


Charlie Hebdo attack: Paris policewoman killing linked to massacre brothers, say Police

Police said there was a link between a suspect identified in policewoman shooting and the brothers wanted for the massacre.

France is broken, things won’t ever be same... they can only get worse

The worst part of this attack is presumably that it was pepetrated by French citizens.

Charlie Hebdo to come out next week despite attack; massive search underway for 2 armed suspects

Paris police and a French security officials said it was too early to draw any connection between the shootings.