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Can lack of play make our children socially disabled?

Children are becoming isolated from the wider community and lack social, emotional, personal language and physical skills at the expense of becoming heavily reliant on technology.

Rhythm movement can help kids perform better at school, says study

"Being able to control your own emotions, cognition and behaviours is an important predictor of school readiness and early school achievement," the study emphasised.


'I am not just a Saturday playmate': A dad's heartwarming note on co-parenting

"I'm more sure of the bond. I just want it to sink in that I'm someone who's always there and will always support him. I'm not just a Saturday playmate."

Karan Johar on kids Yash-Roohi: 'Never seen such pure unadulterated love'

"I'm sure it's impacting me as a human being. I know it's made me more responsible in a certain way. I'm feeling a certain sensitivity in general that I don't think I had earlier in my head and heart and soul."

Watch: 3 important rules to spark learning in kids

"Curiosity comes first. Questions can be windows to great instruction, but not the other way around," says high school teacher Ramsey Musallam.

Parents reveal what they were not prepared for when raising a child

"When we have children we think we won't make the same mistakes our parents made. And we don't. We make entirely different mistakes that, in most cases, work out OK in the end anyway."


Kids' books can talk about adult stuff too, says author of Pops

"The only thing is that the protagonists in both my books happen to be kids. As for challenges, books for kids are not necessarily creations of some juvenile mind; they can be read by adults as well."

Raksha Bandhan 2019: Five children's books on sibling bonding

Raksha Bandhan 2019: To mark the occasion, read these interesting books with your kids to strengthen their love and bond with siblings.

Raksha Bandhan 2019: Kofta to phirni, make these dishes for your kids today

Raksha Bandhan 2019: Treat your kids to these yummy kofta and phirni recipes to celebrate the day.

Modern parenting: How to be the dads our fathers were

Think about it, back in the good old days or my father's days, there still was only a small 'window' for togetherness. But through that time window, fathers and mothers were intrinsically present; always available. They had enough and more time for children.

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Now Disney toons to comfort your child at night

If you child wakes up in the middle of the night only to get scared of the darkness, Philips' new range of products in association with Disney, can come handy for you.